Why should I buy a BadRock

The concept behind BadRock Rifles is to get an affordable, precision rifle, in the hands of shooters to bridge the gap between typical box store and high-end custom rifles.

BadRock Rifles is a culmination of decades in pursuing ultimate rifle accuracy and innovation in manufacturing. Experience, dedication, and a unique approach allow us to create the BadRock Rifle with quality never-before seen, in this price range.

Can I order a custom option?

To keep the price as low as it is, BadRock keeps options to a minimum. Available options are listed on the website. However, there are a variety of customizations we can offer, so feel free to give us a call and ask! There are also many add-on accessories available for the rifles.

Do they come in different colors?

Our rifles come standard with a black chassis. The action and barrel are a polished stainless finish. We can cerakote barreled actions and chassis to whatever color you choose. Call us for a quote to cerakote.

Can I get a different caliber?

BadRock reviews caliber selection as new cartridges are released. We chamber rifles or barreled actions in calibers listed on our website. If there is a cartridge you’re wanting that is not listed on the website, give us a call and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

Who makes the barrel?

BadRock uses PROOF Competition Contour barrels on all rifles. Each rifle is accuracy tested and meets our strict standards.

Is there an accuracy guarantee?

There are too many variables when it comes to printing groups on paper, for us to guarantee what a shooter can do with their; scope, ammo, rest, conditions, and skillset for BadRock to guarantee “accuracy”. Every rifle is tested with factory ammunition and will not ship unless it meets our standards. When accuracy testing, we are looking for sub 1/2MOA groups.

What is the lead time for a rifle or barreled action?

Lead times can vary due to fluctuations in demand but we typically hold a 2-4 week lead time. Please call the office at (541) 526-1820 or email sales@badrockrifles.com for current information.

Do BadRock rifles use a Defiance action?

The BadRock bolt actions are designed and manufactured by Defiance Machine.

Is the action of lesser quality than other Defiance actions?

Absolutely not! The BadRock rifle actions are held to the same standards as all Defiance actions. They are produced on the most sophisticated, technologically advanced CNC machines available. All BadRock actions hold a guaranteed headspace.

Do they meet the PRS production class guidelines?

Yes. Currently, the BadRock South Fork is approved by the Precision Rifle Series as a Production Class Rifle. Check the PRS website for up-to-date guidelines before purchasing.

Does BadRock offer re-barreling?

Re-barreling is available. Check the PRS website for up-to-date guidelines before purchasing.

Does the South Fork meet NRL Hunter Factory rifle, 12# open class, or 16# open class guidelines?

The BadRock rifles do not currently meet NRL Hunter “Factory” rifle guidelines.

A BadRock South Fork in 6.5 Creedmoor weighs approximately 12 pounds. It will not make the 12# class, but it is possible to make the 16# class with specific scopes and bipods.

Our Guarantee:

All products are carefully inspected for quality control at every step in the manufacturing process and prior to shipment. We stand behind our products, as they leave our shop. We cannot be responsible for alterations made by others.

Terms & Conditions:

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